Take your vaccination program to the next level


An end-to-end immunization solution:

From proprietary software that can increase your immunization rates by an average of 20 percent to streamlining documentation, billing and reporting, learn how OmniSYS can help improve your immunization experience.


Identify eligible patients

Know when your patients are eligible for a specific vaccine with proprietary technology that identifies gaps in a patient’s immunization history. 



Engage patients through personalized outreach

Send your patients personalized messages about their immunization needs through voice, digital or mobile. 



Go paperless

Allow your patients to complete consent forms from their mobile device, while you document the encounter with guided templates driven by payer requirements. 



Take the guesswork out of reimbursement

Get the reimbursement you’ve earned with real-time verification for eligibility, coverage and payer requirements. 



Update and query state registries

Streamline your workflow by automatically updating the appropriate state immunization registry.  


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