Fusion-Rx: Advanced, cloud-based IVR



As a cloud-based solution, Fusion-Rx’s IVR is easy to manage and maintain. It can extend the life of legacy telecom equipment while elevating your patient experience through advanced features and intelligent technology.

     The benefits of Fusion-Rx IVR:

  • Text-to-speech for drug names, patient name and shipping address verification

  • Automatic doctor authorization faxing for both standard and controlled substances for doctors not enrolled in e-prescribing

  • Provides patients with their refill status in real-time (i.e. no refills, expired, too soon, etc.)

  • Patients can request that the pharmacy contact the doctor

  • Automatically assigns pickup times for refillable prescriptions and even adds additional time for those that require doctor authorization

In addition to IVR, the complete Fusion-Rx patient communication platform includes digital and mobile capabilities – eliminating the need for piecemeal communication solutions, reducing variability in messaging and improving the patient experience.